Print, 1991
1600×1600 cm

In 1991 I tried to create the largest print in the world. On one hand I was interested in the inappropriateness of thinking about a record in the world of contemporary art, and on the other hand in the theme of size in contrast to the intimate world of graphic techniques. Attention to detail was replaced by the immensity of Land Art.

I realized the print in a “moonscape” of the Předlice surface mine, using a big excavator made in Russia instead of a manual graphic press.

The excavator dug a 2.5 meter deep ditch. It stepped over it with its “paw” with the diameter of 16 meters. I painted the lower part of the paw with ink. Subsequently I spread out a cardboard with dimensions corresponding to the size of the paw 185 over the place where the machine marched. After painting the bottom of the base, the machine made the print.

06 Tisk - 1991

Print, 1991
1600×1600 cm acrylic on paper