Project IFO

I recall an event that took place in the year 1978, above the Zlynka region, which lies on the border of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. A flash was seen in the sky, followed by a tremendous noise. The event was witnessed by hundreds of people, who then watched thousands of objects fall to the ground – these scraps and pieces then kept turning up over the following ten years, not only in Ukraine and Belarus, but even in Poland, Czechoslovakia and in the entire East Europe. The original object is not easy to identify, although its shards and fragments prove its terrestrial origin beyond any doubt. Most of the found objects were easily identified and therefore classified as IFOs.
The archives of the KGB in Kiev, which have recently become available, feature, among other finds, an interview with Irina Jefimovna, dated October 9th, 1978. It had been published in “Tarakan”, an independent regional gazette, and recounts the story of a woman who had witnessed the flash while tending cabbage in a field near the village of Zvenigorodka. She saw an unspecified number of objects falling from the sky and later testified their existence by producing a (sadly incomplete) list. Some examples among these were, for instance, a piece of a shovel handle covered with wire, a muzzle for a large dog created from a bird cage, pieces of canine fur still stuck to it, a backrest from the seat of a harvester, a bicycle pump covered in children’s clothing, its airhole filled with cement, two office clips in a broken balloon with MIR written on it, three boards painted in a synthetic, washed-out green, a bundle of cloths with frayed edges held together by a succession of knots, a piece of a plastic advertisement for Borodino icecream, a set of toothbrushes found in transparent tubes of some sort, packed into a zink-covered kitchen pot, etc…
Mrs Yefimovna explains that all of the items were adopted by the locals and continue to serve their respective uses.