Feedbacked programme


Bound Program (combination of disturbances in video projection caused by connecting the recorder with Binds), 2004–2016, dimensions variable, mixed media


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On the glass ceiling of the gallery, there is a TV screen that has probably been accidentally left there. It is a residue of some unusual, unfinished manipulation, purpose of which we do not know. On the screen, one can watch programmes from various channels from around the world that are always interrupted. All those stations are permanently jammed and they collapse successively. TV announcers again and again apologize for the poor quality of the picture, sound, and unexpected anomalies occurring during the broadcast. There is a chaotic flow of cables hanging down from the screen, creating a wild tangle on the table and attacking the adjacent installation in the exposition. In the messy cabling, one can see strange gadgets resembling abstract sculptures. On them, there are warnings in the form of short situation reports on their precarious functionality.


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