“White” – 1992, two fire extinguishers were filled with a solution of silver chromate and attached to a back holster. Then a projector with a film documenting the first attempt at flight by the Wright brothers was affixed to the extinguishers. In a darkroom, the movie was projected – in slow motion – onto the expanding dust that was ejected out of the fire extinguishers placed onto my back. When the dust settled, it was spray-moistened with developer, then developed and set. The final outcome was an ornament created by the time continuum of the projected frames of this very contrasting film.




Performace prop – a projection device with minimaxes called Flying Medium (1992). This device is a key factor in one of the performances. The performer wears it on his back. The minimaxes are filled with a light-sensitive substance (silver dichromate). A film depicting the first flight of the Wright brothers in 1903 is projected into a cloud of splashing dust as it is applied. An image is then struck on the ground, which is the intersection of the light stream of the film fields and the photographic chemistry. Believing that in art it is possible to blend natural and artificial phenomena into one, Černický additionally fitted the lens of the projector with a red filter to make the natural phenomenon of red lightning, lightning or aurora borealis more visible.