Dynamic Tiles


07 Dynamický obklad- 2012, 735x135x15 cm, komb.tech.-web

Dynamic Tiles, 2012, 735 × 135 × 15 cm, mixed media


Individual pictures are a kind of tiles. They are easily reproducible, and therefore can function as a puzzle and cover a surface of practically any size. To support the impression of their hollowness and superficiality, one of them is disrupted on the side. At that point you can see its soft fur padding. This is in material contrast to the crystalline surface of the tiles, which at the same time refer to Cubism. For a change, their intense color refers to design and its tendency to a “fresh” look. Thick paint is applied only to their surface, i.e., to the front side only, but its distinctive, evocative, careless organic overflowing extends the idea of a spatial break by running down underneath the surface along the uncovered thick frame.

Above the surface of the tiles there are interactive, rotating assemblages. Their centrifugal dynamics animates the surface like a stone thrown into the water. The whole scene is reminiscent of a shooting gallery at a fair, where Prouns 1/ are encountered with surrealistically cut and assembled bodies of people and animals. Other times they are installed as prostheses and support.


14 Dynamický obklad, 2012, 735x135x16cm, kombinovaná technika.-web

Dynamic Tiles, 2012, 735×135×15 cm, mixed media


08 Dynamický obklad - 147x135x16 cm, komb tech.-web

Dynamic Tiles, 2012147×135×16 cm mixed media



09 Dynamický obklad 2-web


11 Dynamický obklad det. 2-web


10 Dynamický obklad det. 1-web


13 Dynamický obklad det. 4-web


12 Dynamický obklad det. 3-web