Sidewalk Lighting Technician


Sidewalk Lighting Technician, 2016, mixed media, 110 × 80 × 50 cm


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Street Technician — 2009

Street lighting & sound technician / follow spot operator is a person moving around the city and searching for suitable conditions for the creation of a theater scene. By using the tools of his trade, he is able to create an adequate atmosphere for any situation or action and provide it with due “emotional charge”.

He can react to the arising stimuli in a very flexible way to evoke the appropriate atmosphere — drama; suspense; enthusiastic, heroic, sentimental, joyful or melancholy mood, etc. He uses his technical and electronic equipment for this purpose. Its basic unit is a computer fixed to a console attached to his belt. By means of this computer the street technician controls the devices mounted mostly on the ramp which he carries on his back, such as various kinds of lights, theatrical effects, lasers, loudspeakers, etc.

The street technician personifies the theater and its props. He represents the moving technical equipment of a theater. He is a mobile activator of performances in real life.

The street technician’s object of interest may be essentially any person, situation or action, such as a line at a supermarket, a simple dialogue with anyone on the street, a group of tourists, a dog tied to the railing, embracing lovers, an old woman feeding grain to pigeons, craftsmen working on the site, a begging homeless person, exercising athlete, etc.


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