Hammock is a kind of a makeshift compressed laboratory of a natural scientist who does
research in the crowns of trees in the tropical jungle. Although this field workplace is well
equipped with technology, no one had expected that the scientist would be so fascinated by
the surrounding nature that he would not want to leave the Hammock anytime soon. In the
course of his exploration, he has come across remarkable discoveries, the nature of which
forces him to improvise and use his creativity to not only continue his research in a
meaningful way, but unfortunately to survive at all. Over time, his activities in the isolation of
the harsh wilderness change him in unexpected ways. While he remains steadfastly committed
to his position as a serious, rational scientist, his mind is unwillingly being creepily
transformed by unplanned improvisation and the harsh conditions of his life. On the one hand,
his habits of civilized life are logically degrading; for example, he has a great problem with
hygiene and his physical appearance is therefore obviously deteriorating, but on the other
hand, his intelligence and skill lead him to unconventional results, albeit admittedly with
symptoms of weirdness bordering on madness, which gives an almost surreal impression.

Hammock, 2021, multimedia installation, 600 x 170 x 200 cm, mixed media