(environmental installation with lamp and video) – 1998, lamp – 120x80x80cm, glass, light, video


The project Home Explosion works with the theme of internal and external, (distant) space mediated by media. Viewers often perceive media events too virtually to be intensively perceived and lived. Therefore, I attempt to penetrate an apartment with the help of a simple interactive design. These objects have the task to mediate events taking place in media and make them present, to create a feeling in the viewer that they have a relation to him and that he can participate in them. In the specific case of the lamp, the idea is some kind of “voodoo” which, in the comfortable intimacy of the apartment, through designer mimicry, subtly disturbs the resident. While performing everyday activities, the resident has to activate the light (explosion). During installation of the environment it is important to put together a very comfortable fully-furnished apartment so that the viewer really has the feelings that he is at home. A similar strategy is developed in the work Office.