Exhibition , Malá galerie, Liberec 1989


  1. I mounted around town several posters made from black, self-adhesive plastic film with increasing density towards the gallery, thus drawing visitors into the gallery.
  2. I posted these 30 x 40 cm rectangles in a lower position than usual.
  3. I continued posting the rectangles inside the gallery on the opening day of the exhibition. They were all placed at the same interval throughout the gallery.
  4. I rolled up the grey felt carpet and pushed it to the wall. Then I cleared out the gallery.
  5. I took down the curtains from the windows and folded them on the sill. I hung the curtain rails over the window handles.
  6. I dismounted the hanging system for graphic works and placed it on the floor by the wall.
  7. I opened the window onto the courtyard, which was full of discarded, superfluous material.
  8. I moved the ticket seller into the middle of the gallery.
  9. I stuck two inscriptions on the concrete floor of the gallery
  11. I removed my clothes in order to make it understood why the rectangles were so low.
  12. I put on sunglasses and for 15 minutes looked at one of the black triangles.