Project CBSS has been under development since the year 2000. This is a special secret service office that allows one to take advantage of the huge potential of every type of secret information and service for the benefit of the public. In the beginning the founding members of CBSS, who were former employees of SS, tried to implement democratic principles into its structure. The reason they did this was because after the fall of the iron curtain more and more secret information was leaking out and being illegally, randomly and chaotically misused by dangerous mainly terrorist organizations. They then have an indisputable advantage over those who can not use the information — that is, the public. Then if SS are not capable of concealing secret information from whomever, they should declassify it and make it accessible to all of society.

Attempts to make SS transparent, however, were not accepted for obvious reasons, so several agents were forced to leave SS. What was important, though, were their connections and they began cooperation on an alternative program which from the beginning was developed in secrecy at a near–by unspecified location. Using illegal methods they gathered and created important computer programs for attaining secret information. They were to become the foundation for the creation of a new SS serving the public directly. However the original employer constantly tried to paralyze their activities, and so in time negotiations started, resulting in an agreement that lead to the absorption of the new illegal office under the authority of SS and eventually to their “legalization” under the name Commercial Branch of Secret Service.

The agenda of the newly formed CBSS was identical to the original, which was formulated by an illegal office, however with the difference that all the information and services “unfortunately” were for the purpose of commercial objectives. Thus it was to be an attempt at absolute openness in relation to the public, limited only by the financial limits of the customers. The commodities were to be any kind of information and service that the secret services cooperating with CBSS had at their disposal.. For those who expressed interest in CBSS services, absolute anonymity, discretion and safety were guaranteed.