Thriller Painting

16 Thriller painting det. chyt (2)

17 Thriller painting det. chyt

Thriller Painting – detail, 2013
450×560 cm polyester, metal

15 Thriller painting - 2013, 450x560 cm, polyester, kov.

Thriller Painting, 2013
450×560 cm polyester, metal

After a few more experiments of this type, a significant break came in my mural “Thriller Painting”, in which the softness and fragility of colors became an illusion because it was cast in a way of sculpture into a hard, homogeneous mass in order to be able to carry a large load after being mounted on the wall. In this way, the painting became a climbing wall stimulating to action.

18 MInimax 2 + Triller painting - 2012

_R5A1900 web

Minimax 2, 2012
204×147×47 cm mixed media

Thriller Painting, 201
450×560 cm polyester, metal

1/ I mean the form of action painting represented, for example, by the Japanese Gutai group, Ives Klein and today by Anastasia Ax and many other action artists; I believe that it has been covered in sufficient detail and is quite common.

2/ This is the case of Leon Ferrari’s earthworms, which he threw in the style of Pollock’s drip painting on a horizontally placed canvas. Subsequently the earthworms turned and twisted, personalizing the desired event, and represented a painting material, but not a real painting.

3/ Here I would like to mention the experiments of Gustav Metzger with liquid crystals sensitive to temperature.

4/ The author of Spider-Man is Stan Lee; his character appeared in the comic book anthology “Amazing Fantasy”.

5/ For this purpose I used some op-art concretistic illusions and games (such as Kratina’s mobile reliefs). The resulting spatial painting could evoke a kinetic illusion caused by the movement of a viewer.

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