Flying story

(sculpture of a story) – 1996, 600x230x300cm
polyurethane, silicon, glass, mini-pump, light, synthetic succinate, flour
is a hybrid object connecting in its visuality the qualities of sculpture (three-dimensional space), with what is typical for comics or film (story, time sequence). The story takes place in a gradual succession on the surface of a flying sculpture so that the viewer can approach it from all sides. The spaciousness of the story unfolds in two dimensions. 1) One can read the comics story as it is in space. It develops on orbital paths from all sides; and because of that, it tempts the viewer to enter among the orbitals inside the story. 2) Another possibility is to read the story as a whole in the space, which in this case has a specific shape and form. (One part of the installation in the picture is the large number of flies scattered around the room and the object. On the walls they are covered by huge, dripping amber drops.)


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