(nuclear explosion according to the latest fashion) – 1998, 220x120x120cm
polyurethane, silicon, Damascus lace, plastic, pearls, artificial fur

My friend and I were walking along one of the main Jerusalem boulevards. Not far from the main bus station we noticed a beautiful, amazingly dressed girl. She was probably pregnant and this made her especially attractive. We kept turning back to look at her and watched how she hurried for the bus. We walked on and, based on the previous perception, spoke about the phenomenon of “Beirut fashion.” We had only marched on a few steps when the street rocked with a detonation. Stunned, I looked back to where the sound had come from and saw smoke rolling from the main station. That evening we watched the television news in a restaurant. The perpetrator of the terrorist attack was reported as being a woman, whose picture the police showed the public on the TV. Of course I can’t confirm it with complete certainty, but I am basically sure that it was her.