Psycho gravitation

2010, post-animated film, 15 min.

The film attempts to combine two seemingly unrelated phenomenons, one of which is the human psyche and the second the processes that are subject to laws of physics. In other words, it tries to use artistic methods for the application of the subconscious – that is, something one cannot exactly define – to physical laws, which do nothing but attempt to define the world in exact terms.

The film is a classic portrait of a girl who had been subjected to a technique of experimental analysis. The application of this technique required deep trust, so I asked a close friend for help. I presented her with a dictaphone and invited her to record in the following months, whenever she felt like it, something she would, under normal circumstances, keep to herself. I then attempted to transcribe, as accurately as I could, her very personal stream of thoughts into mental subtitles that are implied and used in the film. I later animated these ephemeric processes of the mind to more or less correspond with the physical processes which take place in the life of a dying star.