A project that follows on directly from the “Main Station” documentary is the film “Perón”, which contains all the characteristics of the ABS series already mentioned. As in the case of the preceding film, the texts were acquired by means of a poll. The recording was done with the aid of a CCTV camera, which monitors the platform to prevent crossing of the safety line into the track zone. Because the commuters are obliged to wait for the train, there is a unique opportunity to think in peace here. The Perón station thus became an ideal place for acquiring recordings.

The texts were animated similarly as in “Main Station”. They stop at the edge of the frame so that they can be composed into the required literary structure. The “mentalizing” of the final image does not occur smoothly, but rather in bursts. The texts are affected at intervals by the strong airflow forced ahead of the train from the darkness of the tunnel. By this means, a dramatic conflict occurs between the mental energy and the physical, the latter of which seems to emerge from some unknown place, from another space, which I find to be loaded and exciting.