The first and very atypical project for the ABS Video series is the fictional documentary “The Invisible”. The film’s main character is someone about whom we know nothing, because we do not want to know anything about him, someone who has acquired in the given environment perfect gestures, although we are convinced that he does not belong there at all. That is to say that he blends with the environment even though he is foreign to it. I was interested in what the man on the street thought of such people. I found a suitable person living on the street and asked the people walking past him what they thought of him. Similarly, I asked the homeless man what he thought of the passers-by. I recorded the answers on a Dictaphone. The transcription of the answers provided the subtitles employed for the film The Invisible”. In this case the texts were to some extent altered. They had in some details an autobiographic nature and it was also necessary, due to the 3D animation employed, to create a screenplay from them.