The subsequent film is “The Flood”, which also has autobiographical features. It is characteristic in that it is composed thematically of two parts. In the first, very short part the face of the author of the film is seen in relief for a moment. In the form of mental subtitles he is thinking of a project that he has wanted to do for a long time and has never gotten round to. In the middle of his thoughts, however, his cellphone rings and the author is forced to leave the frame, but the continuity of his thoughts remains on the screen. This second, much longer part is composed of flowing text alone, which realistically describes the subsequent train of thought of the author. The character of this text also has a similar ABS nature to that in the film “Loading…”. The theme that is characteristic of it, as well as the majority of the ABS stories, is the role of chance impulses in the continuity and control of our thinking, which is naturally projected into our behaviour and the quality of our life in general.