Installation view


Kinetic Waterfall — 2009

A crane waterfall is designed for air humidification on the outskirts of large cities, where there is little vegetation and population suffers from the dry and dusty environment.

I see the practicality of a vertical garden in the beneficial effects of plants at higher altitudes than where regular trees can grow, and also in the possibility of operating an elevated kinetic waterfall. Its advantage is that in a short time it can release a huge amount of steam, which will bring relief mainly to residents of panel housing estates.

I have opted for the alternative of a construction crane for its relatively low price, while it is also possible to use a decommissioned piece. The advantage is not only its height and firm construction able to withstand high loads, but also the mobility of the machine, especially a huge range of space which it is able to cover thanks to its rotation and displaceability of the sliding ramp.

The crane is an ideal place for growing vines and invasive plants. It is also possible to place containers with artificially irrigated soil on the structure of the crane. In this way it would be possible to grow even bigger plants. The vertical garden grown in such a way will also provide facilities for nesting birds.

The whole structure and the crane arm are very convenient for mounting pipes hidden in the greenery, through which water could flow to the peak and the end of the rotation arm. From there the flow of water can freely fall down. It would be ideal to lead pipes from a water source located in the surrounding mountains, thus supplying the waterfall by means of gravity. Water may fall into places selected or newly constructed for this purpose, such as drain pools, etc.



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Depolarised Leaf, 2016



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Anatomical Study of a Monster, 2016 21


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Floral Church, 2016, alive trees, 500×350×200cm


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Memorial to the Victims of Religious Repression — 2004



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Chilli Lens, 2016,
mixed media, 220 × 220 × 80 cm


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Instructions for using spinning UFOs

After turning on the top on its green underside, hold it in this position (by the red part) until it is spinning rapidly. The whole time, leave it in an upright position.
Then place it, slowly and carefully, on the mirror by the pointed end. For the purposes of this installation, the toy’s original sound has been replaced by the cries of brokers calling out various prices of strategic commodities on Wall Street.