Harness for a Werewolf

Harness for a Werewolf, 2016,
mixed media, 200 × 70 × 70 cm




Werewolf Project — 2012

I propose to use for this project the services of an indomitable, evil and barking dog of any race. The dog should have a powerful loudspeaker firmly attached to its back so that this rabid animal will not lose or destroy it. I recommend to fix in a proper way a microphone to its basket cage muzzle. It must be secured against violent destruction.

I recommend to let loose the dog equipped in this way in city streets (especially at night, ideally during the full moon). I suppose that it will soon become the object of a hunt by security forces, and this drama will further escalate the rampage of the werewolf.

If the activity of the werewolf is associated with some type of project, such as an exhibition of contemporary art, it is appropriate to give it freedom of movement throughout the gallery or institution and let the animal enjoy these privileges even at night, when its effect will be even more intense.


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