Chilli Lens

Chilli Lens (model of a possible landscape realization designed for Lake Baikal), 1991–2016, 200x200x120 cm, mixed media
A Land-art sculpture cut out onto ice and subsequently polished in order to monitor the world of the deepest lake in the world, while magnifying the animals that dwell therein to the size of a monster.




The sculpture should be realized in areas with a cold climate where a thick layer of ice is formed on water surfaces. The sculpture has the shape of a convex or concave optical lens. It is molded from a thick crust of ice on a frozen lake or sea. It should be situated in the open air, i.e., far away from the shore, from any vegetation.

It should be cut out directly onto ice and then ground and polished in such a way so that its form has a smooth surface and thus meets the highest optical standards. After the lens is created, its surface should be penetrated by red pigment in order to differentiate it from the environment. Then, under a magnifying glass, a powerful water resistant reflector should be installed through a hole in the ice, which should provide for night operation of the sculpture and complete its ghostly appearance