Balcony, 2016, mixed media, 310×110×200cm



The purpose of such intervention into the block of a panel apartment building is to break through or revive the gray, anonymous, concrete surface, and then to use this upgrade in an active and meaningful way in practice. I suggest to incorporate into the fa.ade of an older apartment building a luxury cruise yacht so that its deck would form a spacious balcony or terrace accessible to all residents of the building. The ship as well as the inner part of this apartment building surrounding the ship could serve as a gastronomic facility, preferably as a cafeteria.

A marine sailboat should evoke feelings of freedom, liberty and peace. It should evoke a state of security and tranquility amidst the vast gray area acting as the sea with an overcast sky. It is a place, maybe an asylum, open to the “anonymous” housing estate residents.

I leave the method of anchoring the sailboat and its integration into the architectural design of the panel apartment building to the engineering and architectural firm that would undertake such task. I suggest, among other things, to work visually with the transparency of sails because for me this represents a strong visual element. I am aware that the sails occupy a large part of the fa.ade where there are windows, but thanks to their transparency it is a viable alternative


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