Installation view

1. s†l _R5A2967 web

Snowballs, 2014, mixed media, 12 × 12 × 12 cm each


2. s†l _R5A3458 web

Chaplin’s Proun, 2014, projection, plastic, metal, dimensions variable


2. s†l _R5A3482 web

Falling Star (Lenin), 2016, bronze, 20 × 10 × 10 cm


2. s†l _R5A3484 web

Plough, 2016, V. I. Lenin statue – bronze, 300 x 150 x 150 cm

Plough (A proposal to revitalize V. I. Lenin’s sculpture) – 2005

— Its operational use in agriculture for the purpose of land reclamation

— In case of a defect, it is possible to use a ploughshare or steel reinforcements

— It is possible to use the chassis of a tracked vehicle

— It is possible to use combat equipment

— It is possible to remove any part of the statue for the purpose of improving the quality of plowing



2. s†l _R5A3517 web

Memorial to the Victims of the Russian Mafia, Proun Space Station, detail, 2015–16

2. s†l _R5A3511 web 2. s†l _R5A3486 web 2. s†l _R5A3468 web

2. s†l _R5A3479 web DSC00036-thmbDSC00048-thmb

Memorial to the Victims of Revolutions — 2008

The memorial consists of a monumental flag submerged under the water surface of a river. In order not to be taken away by water, an anchor is fixed to the lower end of the mast. The same purpose is served by ropes interconnecting the mast with a bridge structure, located not far away up the river. The bridge is very important for the functioning of the flag because it should form an ideal platform for viewers to view the memorial as it is convenient to view it from above.

The flag should be made of very strong material resistant to the flowing water. The material should also be elastic so that the flag can undulate as desired. Another feature is its light reflectance. In this regard, it is possible to choose between two


  1. The flag will be made of material which can satisfy both of the desired properties, i.e., elasticity and reflectance.
  1. If it is not possible to obtain such material, the flag can be plated with reflective plastic pieces.

An integral part of the mast is two rods having an aerodynamic profile with attached reflectors suitable for operation under water. These lights will provide the scene with the desired drama and enigma, especially at night. A mechanical rocker will be firmly attached to the top of the mast. The force of the water’s movement will drive its blades. With the help of a lever, the rocker set in motion in this way can be used for undulating the flag, giving it the required dynamism and drama.



1. s†l _R5A2975 webDSC00209Re†lnÏ minimalismus-thmb



Anachronistic Radio, 2014-16, mixed media, dimensions variable

The anachronistic radio communicates interactively with the viewer, sensing his movement and responding to every change in tuning. What the radio subsequently plays reflects not the present, but difficult to gauge broadcasts from the past that seem to speak to us from out of a timelessness. In this space before the radio receiver, try to find a station that brings to life events from history.