Office (Ram Allah) – 2002, 130×180, digi-print


The digital print Office freely ties into the theme of inner and outer spaces tested in the environment Home Explosion. The difference is that it works with the entire space, not with just a single object within it (social design). Office interiors are interesting as they are often set within very unified and oftentimes boring spaces which, because the purpose is work, are called (everyday) chaos. This chaos I attempt to install artificially in an office through the viewfinder of a camera so that it’s an exact copy of other kinds of environments, but with differences, less boring, even urgent events. In the case of Ram Allahu, I used the spaces of unknown places damaged in attacks by the Israeli army (recorded from Euro News).



Office (Berlin-1945) – 2002, (variabilní rozměry), různé materiály


In the print Office – (Berlin) I used a scene from a documentary film about the defeat of the Red Army in 1945. In this connection I installed the office space in a colorless scale..