Developed Paintings

The work is composed of two large paintings and one small photograph. The latter is of fundamental importance and may, but does not have to be exhibited. It shows a view of a space reminiscent of a warehouse, second-hand shop, archive, depositary or the like. What is important is that the whole image is filled with things that are stacked on the verge of chaos and order. This picture is a sort of matrix for the creation of the paintings. It can be understood as an image of the structure of the mind, the bank of the subconscious.

The paintings are large, white and in contrast give a very simple, to the point of minimalist impression at first sight. Each of them contains only an apparently random “pop-up” spray-painted black line. Once the spectator approaches the pictures, however, it becomes apparent that the lines are slightly plastic. It is as if the black spray has reacted with the white ground. Upon even closer inspection the fragments of a new “space” can be distinguished in the lines. It is visible via the light and shade of the relief of the line. It is as if the picture consisted of exposed photographic paper and the spray contained the developer which activated its visibility. The picture generated is not, however, a photograph, but the “relief” resulting from the reaction.
On further inspection the spectator has an opportunity to discover that the new “image within the line” is a fragment of the space seen in the small photograph and that each of the lines reveals a different part of the same space. That it is the same space is evident from the fact that at the place where the lines imaginarily intersect can be seen the identical motif of the photographic precursor.

03 Vyvolaný det. - 2009, 2x220x155 cm, syntetika na plátně + fotogtafie (2)-web

Developed – detail, 2009
synthetic on canvas + photograph

02 Vyvolaný - 2009, 2x220x155 cm, syntetika na plátně + fotogtafie-web

Developed, 2009
2×220×155 cm synthetic on canvas + photograph

05 Vyvolaný (sklad) - 2009-web

Developed (storage), 2009

13 Tah s prounem - 2012, silikon na suchém zipu, varieb. roz.

Brush Stroke with a Proun, 2012
variable dimensions
silicone on Velcro fastener

14 tah s prounem

Brush Stroke with a Proun, 2012
variable dimensions
silicone on Velcro fastener


Filling, 1990
30×20×5 cm