Three Seconds from Spiderman 3

Yet another way how to conceive an action painting is my work “Three Seconds from Spiderman 3” of 2008. 4/ I am excited by the idea of the action hero Spiderman as an action painter who splashes pigment from his body and flies on it through New York ten years after Harold Rosenberg coined the term “action painting”. I imagine how the Spiderman, the fourth representative of the second generation of drip and body-art painters, irritates the New York avant-garde elite by his aerial gymnastics. However, more significant for me is that a spider web may be the right material which meets the criteria of a real action painting.


07 3 vteřiny ze Spidermana 3

Three Seconds from Spiderman 3, 2008

From my test of Spiderman’s web in the glass it was not too far to a showcase where the activity of the color could be even more apparent. In my first painting of this type of 2009 I made it possible for Spiderman’s web to move within a designated area in front of the painting. A year later I employed Pollock’s color scheme to the web and also tried to imitate his way of making the area of the painting rhythmic. But unlike Pollock, in my experiment the painting changes depending on the movement of the viewer. 5/