(paparazzi sculpture) – 1998, 500x200x120cm
polyurethane, silicon, glass, processional instrument, water, cleaning utensils, lightPhoto Flash is a paparazzi sculpture that mimics tabloid design. It is a sculpture with ephemeral life on the surface where stolen sensations and current topics of the time are arranged into stories of spatial “comics”. Perhaps there is a chance here that fashion and tendentious events could last forever. In one place on the bolt of lightening a cormorant is dying in oil pool spillage from a bombed out oil pump not far off the shores of Kuwait. It is a famous picture from the first Iraqi war. The oily pool on the surface of the seawater is a play of rainbow colors. The laden wings of the bird flop in agony in the gooey muck. The turbulence of its movements create variegated swirls not unlike the ornamentation of oriental rugs. In one of these it is possible to read an inscription written in Arabic – KUWAIT OIL EFFECT.