Vajra Plane

Thunderbolt Vehicle

Vajra plane – a riding and flying vehicle. It is powered by two thunderbolts integrated into thesupporting structure of the chassis.

Each thunderbolt consists of the following:
a. An axle consisting of a sphere-shaped diamond forming a core in the center of the axis,
which is the main energy source of the vehicle. Furthermore, of two drive shafts to which
the diamond is attached by means of half-axle joints, allowing the transmission of speed
and torque between the shaft and the diamond at different angles, while maintaining a
constant angular velocity.

b. Wheels consisting of nine ribs. These are a direct product of the excitation energy of the
diamond. This energy is excited into nine high-energy beams similar to electric
discharges. The strongest of these flows directly from the cavities inside the drive shafts
and continues as a light stream in the direction of the axis of the axle. The remaining eight
high-energy beams are fired in the form of high-frequency discharges from a rotating
diamond optical bearing at the end of the drive shafts. These bearings have two functions.
On the one hand, because of their rotation they drive the vehicle in all directions, but
mainly because of the diamonds inside the bearing, they bend the eight high-energy beams
so that they join at the outer end of the wheel again into one beam that can produce
lightning, driving the vehicle in the desired direction.

Therefore, the thunderbolt vehicle is able to use energy that is on the one hand essentially
inexhaustible and on the other hand is so powerful that it makes the vehicle to move up to the
speed of light.

Vajra (dorje) is a Sanskrit word meaning „diamond“ (indestructible) or „thunderbolt“. In
Buddhism, the word vajra is also used to denote a ritual object that is often used in tantric

In the Hindu mythology, the vajra is the weapon of Indra, the Indian Vedic rain and thunder-
deity and King of the Vedas. It is a very powerful weapon which combines the properties of a
sword, a mace and a spear.


Vajra Plane (Thunderbolt Vehicle), 2018, Indian ink drawing on paper, 80 x 110 cm

Vajra Plane (Thunderbolt Vehicle), 2019, mixed media, 400 x 300 x 150 cm


Vajra Plane (Thunderbolt Vehicle), 2019, wood carving, 80 x 110 cm


Vajra Plane (Thunderbolt Vehicle), 2018, Indian ink drawing on paper, 80 x 110 cm