The film “Psychogravitation” attempts to link two seemingly disparate phenomena, namely the human psyche with
processes that are subject to physical laws. More precisely, by using artistic methods, it seeks
to apply subconscious thinking, something indefinable in an exact way, to the physical laws
that attempt to define the world precisely.
It is basically a classic portrait of a girl who was subjected to one of the techniques of
experimental psychoanalysis. For this one needs considerable trust, so I asked her close friend
for collaboration. I gave her a dictaphone and asked her to record for me within a few months,
when she would be in the mood, what she would not tell anyone else. Subsequently I tried to
rewrite her very spontaneous streams of thought in the most authentic way in the mental
subtitles implied in the film. I later animated these ephemeral processes of the mind in such a
way to be as synchronous as possible with the physical processes taking place in the life of a
dying star.